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WhereRU is a simple friend-finder app for the mobile phone based on SMS, GPS, and Google Maps.
WhereRU was built for the Android platform and is available for Andriod 1.6+.
The main functionality of WhereRU is to find out the location of a mobile phone. A "where are you" SMS is send to another WhereRU mobile which answers with an "i am here" containing its GPS coordinates. The location of the queried mobile is then showed within Google Maps.
Note that both mobiles need WhereRU installed!

Privacy Considerations

Location information is considered private.
Location information exchanged between two mobile phones, remains between the two mobile phones.
Location information is neither stored in a central web database, nor used by any party other than the owners of the mobile phones participating in the location information exchange.

Where to get WhereRU

WhereRU is sold via the Android Market.
Owners of an Android mobile phone can go to the Android Market and search for "WhereRU".
The price of the application is 2 euro exclusive VAT.



Future Features

WhereRU Protocol

The WhereRU app is based on the WhereRU protocol. This protocol can be implemented for other mobile platforms as well so that the WhereRU app is not limited to the Android platform only. There are plans to implement the protocol for Windows Mobile as well. The contact for this project is r.simons@communited.nl.

Download specification: whereruprotocol.pdf


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